Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cloud Nine

I just purchased a pair of running shoes.
and buyer's remorse has started to set in. To
afraid to get them dirty. Might have paid
to much. They look funny on my feet. My
mind is foggy. Why is this happening, they're
just running shoes. No they're not! They are
the Lamborghini of runnineg shoes. "Hoka
Bondi 4s ." They are the best cushioned
shoes I've ever owned. Check them out. They
look a little different and takes some getting use to
Nevertheless, they are a trip to Cloud Nine!

Dare to be different!   Until next time, stay safe.

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I have been running for more than 30 years injury free. I've run distances from 5K to marathons. My running consist of 30 to 40 mile weeks.I enjoy road races on weekend.