Thursday, September 20, 2012

Safety First

        Remember safety first during early morning runs. Safe area, safe clothes and safe terrain. Here are some safety tips. Never try new routes on early morning runs, for obvious reasons. Always wear reflective clothing, Most running gear take care of that for you. Futhermore, you can purchase caps with lights. You can also find reflective vests and blinking lights that attaches to your shorts. Pay close attention to your terrain. The side walk was fine yesterday morning, however workers decided to repair it late afternoon. If your area is just not safe, wait until daylight if you can or take it to the street in the afternoon. And lastly, if you are a very early runner such as myself, make sure you alway see delivery trucks, a car or two you've seen before and an occasional police car making its rounds. If you don't, its just to early for you.

Oops! got to go. It's 3am. Until next time, stay safe.

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