Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sole Searching

With so many types of running shoes on the market today, how do you choose the best ones? Well, that my friend is probably best done by trial and error. Experiment with different brands until you find magic. It can be done. Just remember to choose the ones that compliment your running style. Also keep in mind the surface you run on and your total mileage. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. All  running shoes have something in common, cheap insoles. No time and money spent on those I tell you. Now is the time to do some sole searching. Let me help you with that. Listen closely. Carry yourself to your local running store and buy some new insoles. Get some new socks while you're at it. If you want the best, pick up a pair of SofSole insoles and some SofSole running socks. They will make almost any brand of running shoe ride heavenly. And while you're at it, remember to pick up an extra pair.You won't be sorry.

Now go take a ride on the Cushioned Side! Stay safe. See you next time.

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I have been running for more than 30 years injury free. I've run distances from 5K to marathons. My running consist of 30 to 40 mile weeks.I enjoy road races on weekend.