Monday, January 9, 2012

When nature calls

                    When you're on long runs, nature sometimes has a tendency to call you by name. By that I mean, there are no restrooms within a 100 miles. In my case, only woods and trees for miles and miles.You might see an occasional house or two. Ask to use a restroom, Please! You'll be lucky if you don't get dogs set on you. What's a body to do? Do you try to hold on. That will work in some cases. But, you will have to focus really hard, to darn hard. Do you take a chance and ask to use a toilet? Remember you're in a precarious situation. No time to try an out run dogs. The answer is, do neither. Make your way to the woods and take care of your business. Everything you need is there, privacy, comfort and clean-up material. If your run takes you on long and winding roads, play it safe, take tissue with you. I often run shirtless, so I put tissue in a zip lock bag and pin it to the inside of my running shorts. And that my friend is how you; Keep It Moving.

Now you know!

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