Thursday, June 23, 2011


Have you had a wiped-out week yet? If you have, a total bummer right. Your weekend went nowhere. The yard work was a drag. Too many things to do in the crib. You couldn't find a free minute even if you had flava flav's clock. Just couldn't find time for a run. No problem, you'll do it Monday morning. Wrong! you woke up early but your body wouldn't. Now you're starting to get bit up-tight . But wait, you remember waz up, you've been here before. You'll rush home from work, change your threads and hit the road. So you peeled off to your gig hoping the day goes by quickly. Wrong again, it went on forever. Your boss was tripping. Meetings were so far out, they made your ears bleed and traffic on the way home was wack. To top it off, the kids socked it to you as soon as you walked through the door. Now there goes your evening run. Truth be told, your entire week is about shot . Just can not find time to  run. Now it's time to re-group. Finished the week as best you can. Chill at the Pad. Plan to make the seen on the weekend.Get a fresh startand run strong. Now can you dig it?

Groove on!

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I have been running for more than 30 years injury free. I've run distances from 5K to marathons. My running consist of 30 to 40 mile weeks.I enjoy road races on weekend.