Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quick Facts

Remember, never start your morning runs on an empty stomach. After a long sleep, your carbohydrates are depleted. So before you take off, eat a meal with carbs. and a little protein.

Remember to eat during runs that last an hour or more . Eat 35 to 65 Grams of carbohydrates an hour. This will prevent glucose problems and fight off fatigue. Try an energy bar, a gel pak or even a banana in combinations.Choose what works for you.

After training runs or races, remember to eat something to speed up recovery. A protein and carb. combination would do the trick. Eat at least 30 to 60 mins. after your workout. It you are at an organized race, problem solved. Lot of eats there. Help yourself.

Fuel Up!

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I have been running for more than 30 years injury free. I've run distances from 5K to marathons. My running consist of 30 to 40 mile weeks.I enjoy road races on weekend.